Transfering a volume to another project


In order to test if a backup can be successfully restored, it is best to do this on an OpenStack project that shares nothing with the production OpenStack project. So that any bug or mistake does not risk destroying something used in production.

The backups are:

  • volume snapshots which can be used to create a volume and then openstack volume transfer create to another project
  • images created from instances

There is not need for consistency groups at this time because a service is self-contained in a single instance and a the data is located in a single volume. There are exceptions (the GitLab runner is not on the same machine as the GitLab instance) but they do not require synchronous backups.


It appears volume transfer is however not allowed

openstack --os-cloud ovh volume transfer request accept --auth-key XXX YYYY
Policy doesn't allow volume:accept_transfer to be performed. (HTTP 403) (Request-ID: req-de891a82-9a4a-4d4f-bfd7-ce8c30265afb)

The public cloud forum has very few posts and nothing on the matter. A new topic was created but there is very little activity on the forum and therefore little hope for a definitive answer.