Wekan for Enough


A few years ago I tried wekan and gave up because it’s not very robust and maintained by a single person. However, in the past six months I grew to like it and it turns out to be user friendly. In the sense that not a single user at MLA complained about its many flaws.

Unless there is a objection in the next week, I’ll install a public instance at https://wekan.enough.community (with a link from https://enough.community) and start using it to organize the MLA related tasks. Although I would be inclined to use a GitLab project at https://lab.enough.community, it is unfamiliar to the non-technical people at MLA and it would be a punishment they do not deserve.


It’s a good idea. From my point of view, we could try to use Wekan for Enough community related tasks in order to eat our own dog food.

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Perhaps we should use https://project.enough.community or https://kanban.enough.community as an alias to avoid changing DNS entry if we use another software in the future.

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https://wekan.enough.community/ is up :tada:

Next steps are to:

The entry was added

The MLA board was created.