Whistleblowers first contact interviews


During the next six months, I’ll conduct a series of interviews (based on this script) focused on people who are the first contact of whistleblowers. In the same spirit they were conducted for journalists using SecureDrop about two years ago.

The first step was to create a workspace and the next step will be to populate the wiki with an interview script. Two interviews were conducted this week with newcomers in an NGO: it was informal and mainly useful as a base to compare with the interview scheduled in six months, after they acquired experience and knowledge.

To be continued!

Here is a first version of the interview.

It looks like the link redirect to an empty page.

I try: https://lab.enough.community/main/ux/wikis/Whislteblowers-first-contact-script (with a ‘s’ at end without success)

Not sure if https://lab.enough.community/main/ux/wikis/Whistleblowers-first-contact is the new version.

Good catch! Fixed the link: this is the new version indeed.

For the record, two interviews were conducted last week and the transcription was approved (anonymized). I’ll wait a little before actually publishing a batch including old and new interviews to improve anonymization. Although I hoped to get interviews from the MLA sooner rather than later, it will have to wait until next year. In the meantime I’ll be able to publish interviews done with people from similar organizations, in France and abroad.

An interview is scheduled today, using the latest script.

One more interview transcript completed today, waiting for the approval of the interviewee.