Who's volunteering for what?


Disclaimer: this is work in progress, if you see a mistake feel free to edit. It is a wiki. If you’re unsure, ask away in the chat

who mastodon helping with
@loic https://pouet.dachary.org/@loic proposal selection, devroom organization
@dada https://diaspodon.fr/@dada devroom organization
@rigelk https://miaou.drycat.fr/@rigelk devroom organization
@realitygaps https://social.weho.st/@realitygaps devroom organization
@augier https://diaspodon.fr/@AugierLe42e devroom organization
@pierre https://mastodon.indie.host/@pierreozoux -
@Natouille https://mastodon.tetaneutral.net/@Natouille proposal selection, devroom organization and recruiting speakers
@gandhiano - devroom organization / write call for paper
@Siltaar https://mamot.fr/@Siltaer saturday & sunday
@how https://ps.s10y.eu/@how proposal selection, devroom organization and recruiting speakers, writing CFP
@Aleks https://cybre.space/@aleks devroom organization, recruiting speakers, writing CFP
@veronika - devroom organization, recruiting speakers, edit video caps
@agnes - devroom organization
@mandlkind https://octodon.social/@jeremiew helper (doorkeeper, operator)
@??? ???

If you’re motivated to help, please add yourself here, it is a wiki and update the availability schedule.

In case you’re not sure how to help, take a look at the event organization timeline. Here are a few ideas if you’re still undecided:


  • between September 30th and October 16th write down a good call for paper
  • after October 16th reach out to projects you know and suggest they apply
  • after October 16th actively look for diverse speakers
  • between October 16th and December 15th review and select proposals


  • February 2nd & 3rd organize the devroom (requires at least five persons at all times)
    • stand at the doors at all times (to avoid noise during talks & people entering just to find the room is full & rotate the room in between talks)
    • stand in the front row with a 5 minutes left + 1 minute left + you’re out of time sign (provided by the FOSDEM) to help the speaker with controlling time
    • help the speaker get plugged in quickly and operate the microphone
    • be the technical incident liaison when (not if :wink: something fails (video, sound, light …)
    • operate the video camera
  • Before March 1st help review and edit the video captures until they are published



Quite difficult to say when I’ll be there but I’m planning to be at the FOSDEM saturday and sunday !


I would be willing to participate Saturday and Sunday too


Great! You are signed up in the topic description. Would you be so kind as to update it with your mastodon URL as well?


im not sure exactly of the timing (as have some other fosdem commitments also probably) but will know more nearer the time. Will be asking others in our librehosters group if they also want to join/help


I don’t have much much time, but I think this is important, I’ll try to find diverse speakers to apply to the devroom.


That’s an area where help would be very valuable :sparkles: :+1: :+1:t3: :+1:t6:


Updated the topic description with a list of things that need volunteering.


Hello all
I’d be glad to help with Devrooom 2019.
I came to Fosdem for the first time this year (planning to be back in 2019).
I have a great experience at organizing events. I am a co-founder of Sudweb (a wandering conference in the south of France) I was part of the team for 7 editions.
Regarding the years, we were a team of 4 to 14, spread all around the country. Meaning, I have experience of remote organization too :slight_smile:
With a few tools and a few time, we can do it.

PS : I work and live in Toulouse, and I am a UX designer


Hi, there. I’m interrested in this initiative too. I’ve been attending the FOSDEM 4 years in row now. I’m a former developer of diaspora and current developper of Socialhome (Social network compatible with the diaspora federation and currently implementing ActivityPub). I’d be really glad to help!


It would be a pleasure to have you @Natouille :slight_smile: Would you like to add yourself to the list ? If you’re not familiar with this forum, you can do so with the Edit button at the bottom right of the topics description.


@Siltaar @gandhiano nice to have you with us :slight_smile:


Hellow !

I’m a bit late joining this but I hope it’s okay :wink: I would be glad to give a hand with the organization as well, from writing CFP, recruiting people, reviewing talks and helping with the logistic at Fosdem. I participated last year (at least on the CFP + reviewing, did not attend FOSDEM though).

Being in the YunoHost project, I am more interested in the Internet Decentralization part (though of course Privacy is a closely related topic).

So far I’m not sure what I can do to help as I see the Devroom proposal already looks nice and there seem to be plenty of people willing to help :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t hesitate to point me to something I can help review / whatever !


Not too late: the proposal is not sent yet.

I’m really happy to work with you on this :slight_smile:

Maybe there even is enough volunteers to staff a two days devroom? I’m unsure about that , what do you think?


@saper feel free to add yourself to the topic message (it’s a wiki). It is great to have you with us!


@veronika happy to have you with us !



TL;DR: please click on the :heart: if you’re still willing to commit to help Saturday 2nd, 2019 at Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom at FOSDEM 2019

In the not so distant past you generously proposed to help organize the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom at FOSDEM 2019 … should it be accepted. A few days ago the steering committee finalized the schedule. My only regret is that the debates to select only a few of the many excellent proposals are not public. I don’t like to discuss in private and maybe we can figure out something else for next year.

As you can see from the schedule, the room runs non stop from 10:30 to 18:30 and five volunteers are needed at all times:

  • one to help the next speaker setup and collect the equipement when they are finished
  • one to operate the camera and make sure the audio and video are good
  • two posted outside at the two doors to kindly ask people not to enter when the room is full or have them enter only every other minute if there are too many people going in and out
  • one to deal with emergencies such as microphone breakage, connector failing, speaker missing etc.

Luckily there are a dozen of us right now and rotating five people should not be too much of a challenge :slight_smile: If you already know when you’ll be available, please update the presence schedule.




I just added my infos on the wiki table and the poll. I went to FOSDEM for the first time last year and stayed to the decentralized room during a few hours. I’d be glad to be useful this time :wink:

I’m OK for operating cameras/recorders, doorkeeping and anything else needed, just ask me. FYI, some of you may already met me at RMLL 2018 since I was one of the coordinators (basically riding everywhere on a cargo bike).

I guess I’ll meet some of you at the 35C3 ?




Hi! Yes, I’m still volonteering. Though I have not been present at all since the beginning of the process.


Great to have you with us :slight_smile: Could you plase fill the availability schedule so we can plan in advance?